権八 浅草吾妻橋

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本計画では、「権八」がこれまでに西麻布、渋谷、銀座など国内外10店舗において再現してきた「和」のテーマを継承しながら、「権八 浅草吾妻橋店」における固有性(立地・建物・業態)を読み解き、「権八」の更なる本質や多面性の追求を試みました。


権八 浅草吾妻橋
所在地:東京都台東区雷門2-1-15 中川ビル1、2階
設計:グローバルダイニング 樋口琢匠 佐久間美智夫(アートワーク)



This is the new store of Japanese restaurant brand “Japanese Dining GONPACHI”. The brand has 10 stores at home and overseas. In this project, we tried to pursue deeper essence and more possibilities of the brand, deciphering store’s unique location.
The store is located right beside the famous sightseeing spot, Asakusa. The façade is covered by straight line copper panels. The panels are combined with eave, reclaimed wood, and neon sign, for creating an atmosphere of both “independent facade” and “unique interpretation of Japanese culture”. The building has an ordinary residential scale so the both first and second floors have low ceiling heights. In order to utilize store’s space to the maximum, we left the building frame as it was. On the contrary, we fully designed functional fixture, decorative objects, and furniture, paying attention to “texture of handwork”, “outstanding details”, and “delicate surfaces”.
The first floor has reception bar to serve inside and outside the store, buckwheat noodle making space, approach where guests can see a millstone, and open kitchen counter. Above thick leather sofa seats we put a special art piece made of Japanese confectionery molds. Visual essences; Japanese traditional furniture, Japanese style concrete floor, and lighting with Japanese special finishing give a strong impression of Japan to visitors. (Takuomi Higuchi / GLOBAL-DINING)


Japanese Dining GONPACHI Asakusa Azumabashi
Location:Nakagawa Bld. 1F&2F, 2-1-15, Kaminari-mon, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Open:Jan. 16th, 2017
Design:Global Dining Takuomi Higuchi  Michio Sakuma(artwork)
Floor area:202.5㎡ (including kitchen area 59.4㎡)
Capacity:80 seats