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「SPARX」は、“世界で最も信頼、尊敬されるインベストメント・カンパニー”を目指す、日本を代表する独立系の上場投資会社だ。日本企業などの潜在価値を徹底的なリサーチで明らかにした上で投資することで、国内外の投資家から幅広い支持を得ている。そこで、オフィスのテーマを “日本が持つポテンシャルからオフィスをつくる” とした。
コンセプトは“SPARX House”。さまざまな個性や才能を持つ社員が、家族のように一丸となり心新たに出発することを意味する。空間はLiving、Dining、Kitchen、Court(中庭)といった家の要素で構成。玄関口には新たな出発のエンブレムとして企業のポリシーを表現した暖簾を掲げた。また日本独自のレイヤーによる空間構成からヒントを得て、Stageとよばれる階段状の空間では、その奥にあるLivingと高低差を設け、両者がお互いの視線を気にすることなく景色を楽しめるよう計画している。天井には、三軸織物という日本の最先端素材を用いて3次元に型押しされた膜を掛けた。オフィス全体にわたり、随所に日本の潜在力を活かした環境が広がる。(佐藤 航/コクヨ


所在地: 東京都港区港南1-2-70 品川シーズンテラス6階
設計:コクヨ 佐藤 航 大島さえ子
プロジェクトマネジメント:オフィスブレイン 長島篤史(現クラウドナイン・コンサルタンツ) 山崎二郎
照明デザイン:Modulex 森田大介
アート:壁画さ組 佐倉康之


SPARX is a leading listed investing company in Japan that aims to be “the world’s most trusted and respected company”. The company is favored by investors both at home and overseas because of its thorough research of potential values of Japanese companies before investing. Therefore, we decided the design theme of their office as “creating the office based on Japan’s potential”.
The concept is “SPARX House”. It means members with various personalities or talents work as one family. The office space consists of living, dining, kitchen, and court just like a house. Japanese style store curtain is set as an emblem of a new beginning at the entrance. Inspired by Japanese unique layer structure, we made a height difference between stage, space with steps, and living so that workers can enjoy sceneries, avoiding other workers’ gazes. The ceiling is decorated with Japanese traditional textile processed in three dimensions with the cutting-edge technology. Japanese potentials can be found across the office. (Wataru Sato/KOKUYO


Location:Sinagawa Seasons Terrace 6F, 1-2-70, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Direction & Design:KOKUYO  Wataru Sato  Saeko Oshima
Project management:office brain Atsushi Nagashima(currently Cloud Nine Consultants)  Jiro Yamazaki
Lighting Design:Modulex Daisuke Morita
Art:Hekiga SAgumi Yasuyuki Sakura
Picture:Hiroaki Seo
Photo:Nacasa & Partners


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設計:イチミリデザイン 平野大偉
照明計画:大光電機 村西貴洋 大塚恵理子
施工:ラックランド 林 昇
Photo:A.P.FIRST 荒木義久


The passageway from the entrance to the inside of the office has indirect lightings in blue color that is the corporate color of SOGOKAGU. Operation, planning, administration, and other divisions share around 200㎡ space but they do different works so we divided each area with wainscots and glass screens. However, we thought it’s also important for each division to have smooth communication therefore we created the space with an unbroken vista at the same time. The operation division has diagonal walls toward the passageway that make visitors not to see messy desks. This Gimmick also creates a big impact to the space. We took in soft texture of wood to the office in order to make workers relaxed where they do daily tasks unlike showroom. We also placed a communication space, not an ordinary meeting room, for employees in the office that develops a relationship between them. The office environment can make improvements in motivation of workers, work efficiency, and public image of a company. We thought everything we created could affect the company’s branding so we put our all into the design. (Dai Hirano/ICHIMIRI DESIGN)


SOGOKAGU Head Office
Location:3-17-37, Kamikita, Hirano-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Open:Jun. 27th, 2016
Designer:ICHIMIRI DESIGN  Dai Hirano
Lighting planning:DAIKO ELECTRIC Takahiro Muranishi Eriko Otsuka
Construction:LUCKLAND Noboru Hayashi
Photo:A.P.FIRST Yoshihisa.Araki

CoorsTek Gallery & Office






エンジニアリングセラミックス企業である「クアーズテック」のギャラリー兼オフィス。リブランディングを図る中で、「Pure・Repeat・Clarity」という三つのキーワードが浮かび上がった。これは純度の高いセラミック(Pure)が明快な構造を持ち(Clarity)、無限に続くさま(Repeat)を表す。この要素は新C.I.のDot(ドット)にも通じる。そこで三つのキーワードを貫くことで、人々にクアーズテックを体感してもらうことを考えた。ギャラリーに展開する光のDotは無限に続き、まるで光の中に迷い込んだような感覚を覚える。この光はインタラクティブに動き出し、映像となり、クアーズテックのブランドと製品を表現する。オフィスも同様にPure・Repeat・Clarityをコンセプトに作られた。新たな働き方から機能を整理し、純度の高いアイコン群としている。アイコンをリピートさせゾーンをつくり、そのゾーンを明快に配置することで空間を構成した。(佐藤 航/コクヨ)


「CoorsTek Gallery & Office」
所在地:東京都品川区大崎2-11-1 大崎ウィズシティー9階、10階
ディレクション・設計:コクヨ 佐藤 航
プロジェクトマネジメント:CWファシリティソリューション 住田 薫
映像・音楽コンテンツ(LEDウォール):グラトリ 和田竜治 岡田敏己 福嶋清彦
照明コンテンツ(LEDウォール):オスラム 三宅 洋
照明計画、アドバイザリー(LEDウォール):ミューズ・ディ 今津慎也 土橋政博


This is gallery & office of CoorsTek, engineering ceramics company. The keywords for their rebranding project were described as “Pure, Repeat, and Clarity”. Those words express their product, namely, pure ceramics that repeatedly has clarity. This idea is also reflected to their new corporate identity, Dot. We planned to make people to experience CoorsTek by carrying through 3 keywords. Because lighting dots continue unlimitedly, people get confused just like they get lost in the light. The light moves interactively and shows a movie of CoorsTek’s brand and product. The office is designed also based on the same concept, “Pure, Repeat, and Clarity”. Functions of new working style are organized and very pure icons are created. We made zones with repeating icons and constructed the space by placing the zones. (Wataru Sato/KOKUYO)


【CoorsTek Gallery & Office】
Location:OSAKI WIZ CITY 9F & 10F, 2-11-1, Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Open:April, 2016
Direction & Design:KOKUYO Wataru Sato
Project management:CW Facility Solution Kaoru Sumida
Movie & Music contents(LED wall):GRATRI Ryuji Wada Toshimi Okada Kiyohiko Fukushima
Lighting contents(LED wall):OSRAM Hiroshi Miyake
Lighting planning & advisory(LED wall):muse-D Shinya Imazu Masahiro Tsuchihashi
Floor area:1350㎡
Photo:Nacasa & Partners




Wantedly, Inc.





「シゴトでココロオドル人をふやす」というミッションを掲げ、ビジネスSNSサービス「Wantedly」を展開しているWantedly, Inc.のオフィス空間。2010年の設立後、4度目となる今回のオフィス移転では、創造性や新しい価値観を活性化させるような「新しいオフィスのかたち」を意識した。成長企業を支えるオフィスは、増員にも対応できる広い執務スペースを確保しながらも、メインエントランスからロビーにかけての、アンティーク家具をゆったりと配置した広々とした空間が特徴的だ。デザインは特定のジャンルにこだわることなく、エッジの効いたセンスを感じさせる空間をイメージした。ロビー中央の巨大な階段は、腰を掛けて対面のスクリーンを眺めることができ、社内イベントにも柔軟に対応可能なイベント会場兼セミナールームとして計画している。また、ロビーから直接アクセスできるように配置した7つのミーティングルームでは、白金台の豊かな緑が窓全面に広がる。自然の風景と数々のマテリアルやネオンサインが融合した、驚きと遊び心溢れるWantedlyならではのインテリアデザインが完成した。(山下泰樹/DRAFT)


Wantedly, Inc.
所在地:東京都港区白金台5-12-7 MG白金台ビル 4階
設計者:DRAFT Inc.
Photo:遠藤 宏


“To increase people who truly enjoy their jobs”. This is the mission of Wantedly, Inc. which provides a business SNS service, named “Wantedly”. Since their foundation year 2010, they have moved their office 3 times and decided 4th time relocation. We paid attention to creating “a new type of office” which revitalizes creativities or new values. The biggest feature of this office is a wide and open space with antique furniture in a main entrance and lobby area. The wide working space can accept increasing number of staff in a growth corporation. The design concept is an edgy space with a good sense, having no specific genre. Employees can sit down on the large stair placed in the center of the lobby and watch a screen right in front of their eyes. This space was planned to be used also as event space or seminar room. 7 meeting rooms directly connected to the lobby have windows through which you can see leafy scenery of Shirokanedai area. Surprising and playful interior design with natural scenery, diverse materials and neon signs was completed, showing Wantedly’s philosophy well. (Taiju Yamashita / DRAFT)


Wantedly, Inc.
Location:MG Shirokanedai building 4F, 5-12-7, Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Open:Jun. 15th, 2015
Designer:DRAFT Inc.
Floor area:1100㎡
Photo:Hiroshi Endo



ビルボード01ビルボード02 ビルボード03 ビルボード04



設計:knit 生田直人 一級建築士事務所タスエス 松下慎太郎 鈴木崇志



The new office building of a printing company based in Kanto region (middle-east Japan). Located along an arterial highway, the main programs of the building are a printing factory, an office, an employees’ house and a guest house. Along the highway, stores with fancy signboards are the same old scenery but, in this case, we constructed a town with small huts, giving another value to the signboard in the sky. The aeropolice, which suddenly appears on an office building, is expressionless yet functions as a signboard to edit and show the changing sky or the neighbor environment, and then it gets recognized by people. We also tried to realize the printing works itself through basic printing colors and symbolic objects in each floor’s interior. (Naohito Ikuta / knit)


Location:Suzuka-shi, Mie
Open:Dec. 1st, 2014
Designer:knit Naohito Ikuta +S Shintaro Matsushita Takashi Suzuki
Floor area:442.11㎡
Photo:Hiroyuki Hirai
















「SIMONE INC.」は、さまざまな企業やファッションブランド、アーティストに至るまでのブランディングを手掛ける会社である。そのオフィスをデザインするにあたり、高級感と柔らかさの共有をもっとも意識した。
この相対する色の組み合わせが、空間に力強い規律をつくり出し、緊張感を感じながらも柔らかく包まれる空間が生まれた。(小坂井裕司/cafe co.)


設計:cafe co. 森井良幸 小坂井裕司



“SIMONE INC.” supports branding of various companies, apparel brands, and also artists. When we were requested to design their office, we paid the biggest attention to share classy taste and softness in the space.
By hanging balanced pendant lightings from the ceiling, we added modules to the space. Anyone can feel a volume and an interval unconsciously whether they look down from the upper floor or look up from the lower floor. We drastically restricted materials by adopting natural oak for floors and furniture and mortar for walls.
The contrast of these colors creates the strong discipline in the space. You can feel a sense of tension, being softly enveloped at the same time. (Yuji Kozakai / cafe co.)


Address:1-30-10, Ebisunishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Open:March, 2014
Designer : cafe co. Yoshiyuki Morii Yuji Kozakai
Floor area:480㎡ (B1F/230㎡, 1F/250㎡)
Photo:Kozo Takayama




cafe co.












「イーグル建創 本社ビル」
設計:柿谷耕司アトリエ 柿谷耕司 安達豊明
Photo:大瀧 格



An office is like a signboard of a company and it enhances an image and shows an attitude of the company. We thought it needs to create space for both visitors and workers to feel those things. EAGLE KENSO company suggests earth-friendly lifestyles using natural materials. Based on this corporate concept, we tried to show rising and easing tensions or uplifting feelings in the office space, as simple as possible and structurally, with a sense of openness and comfortableness. Our goal is to create a new value in the office space and make it as a device to heighten motivation of the company. (Koji Kakitani)


【EAGLE KENSO headquarter】
Location:1400-1, Naruse, Machida-shi, Tokyo
Open:Nov. 2013
Designer:Koji Kakitani Atelier, Ltd.  Koji Kakitani  Houmei Adachi
Floor area:480.88㎡
Photo:Kaku Ohtaki








フィアット クライスラー ジャパン



  • オフィス「フィアット クライスラー ジャパン」
  • 所在地:東京都港区芝
  • 開設:201271
  • 設計:株式会社 インターオフィス 吉田裕美佳+米倉則明
  • 床面積:1050
  • Photo:ナカサ&パートナーズ


Car producers, Fiat group and Chrysler group, integrated their offices in Japan into one place after their business merger. Italian and American, two different cultures and histories, and the integration of two companies’ identities, these were the themes of this unprecedented project. We realized an office space which pursued the modality of a global company in this age. The design concept is “Green” and “Play”. We did not intentionally put their brand colors in all areas and did put many designs which remind you the nature beyond the culture that results in creating a comfortable and “green” space. We sprinkled relaxing and cozy spaces which includes an element of “play” in a whole workplace where workers can contact each other and then create a new communication. The workplace as a wide open space does not have any object which block someone’s view and is set by windows therefore workers can enjoy natural light. We also created a small hill in a good viewing location where you can see who works where and how. An aim of putting many plants in a working floor and reflecting designs which evoke the nature to a space and products is to achieve the green and comfortable space. Regarding a layout of a work station, we intentionally made a traffic line complicated by placing meeting tables and sofas with random angles on grid modules. These attempts increase opportunities of encounters and activate movement of the human body by sprinkling meeting points which create streams of workers in the office. A lounge room where everyone can take a rest also functions as a symbol of a corporate identity and brand image, a device of inner branding and keeping high motivation, and a space for a discussion or relaxing. By placing sofas and a table in the center and creating a comfortable atmosphere similar to being at home, we created new communications which seldom happen on desks or in usual working scenes. The wide varieties of communications in an organization provide a lot of opportunities for workers to face their company’s culture and history. (interoffice)

  • Office【Fiat Chrysler Japan】
  • Location:Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • Open:July 1st, 2012
  • Designer:interoffice Yumika Yoshida + Noriaki Yonekura
  • Floor area:1050㎡
  • Photo:Nacasa & Partners









  • オフィス「富士見書房/角川学芸出版」
  • 所在地:東京都千代田区富士見2-13-3
  • 開設:2011920
  • 設計:インターオフィス 吉田裕美佳+米倉則明
  • 床面積:1930㎡(2530㎡、3700㎡、4700㎡)
  • photo:ナカサ&パートナーズ



This space is designed for 2 companies which are both in KADOKAWA group, the major publishing company in Japan, to share the entrance and each work floor. We aimed to create an office space where 2 companies with different cultures and histories are mixed in “Flask” and create a new culture. A communication area called “Flask” is located in the center of the work floor. Workers who pass through this area happen to meet each other and then discuss naturally. It results in the communication beyond each department and company. The same area has another function which is to refresh workers. They utilize their time, reading books, having a coffee, and working in a relaxed way. The shared entrance and waiting area gives a below idea to visitors. By walking through from the entrance to the corridor, you can feel the identities and histories of the companies just like you are in a museum. Texture of wood in a black base atmosphere set the space apart from an ordinary office. Concave meeting spaces which are also used for waiting rooms and a lounge space with a drink counter make visitors and workers to talk calmly. Histories, representative photos and works are exhibited on the walls of the corridor. They bring companies’ brand and policy not only to visitors but also to workers which is a kind of inner branding. (Yumika Yoshida + Noriaki Yonekura / interoffice)


  • Office【Fujimishobo / Kadokawagakugeishuppan】
  • Location:2-13-3, Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  • Open:September 20th, 2011
  • Designer:interoffice Yumika Yoshida + Noriaki Yonekura
  • Floor area:1930㎡(2F 530㎡、3F 700㎡、4F 700㎡)
  • Photo:Nacasa & Partners









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